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A collaborative tool engaging ALL your employees, multiplying your referrals and easing the evolution of your top performers.

Simple, user-friendly
100% integrated
100% automated
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Focus on the most efficient channel for sourcing top talents

Hire the best talents

Let your employees refer you qualified and trusted candidates

Hire twice as fast

On average you need only 12 referrals to find the best hire. 10 times less than on other channels.

Build teams for the long run

46% of referred hires will be still there in 3 years, 14% for other sources. We call this cultural fit

Save money on hiring costs

Recruiting thanks to your employees' network costs on average 4 times less


Engage ALL your employees in your referral program

Empower your employees. Offer them a simple, fun and 100% animated experience at employee referral . All this, integrated in one click with your tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams, mail and ATS).


Turn your employees into ambassadors

Attract the best through your ambassadors: your employees. Simply mobilise them to become the best relays of your employer brand.


Your best hires are already in your teams

Make your employees first again. Ease the application, progress and tracking of your staff internal mobility.

Our clients talk about us

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"Since we started using Trusty it's been 4 new recruits from employee referral per month and a reduced recruitment time"


Talent Manager at Swile
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"Prior to using Trusty, referred candidates were counted on the fingers of one hand. After one year of collaboration, our cheerzers refer us more than 50 qualified talents every months"


Recruitment Manager at Cheerz
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"The support from Trusty as well as the review of our referral program and the kick-off ran by the team brought maximum investment from day one. The Trusty team is extremely responsive. In 15 days, already 23 profiles we referred to our recruitment team."


HR Vice president at Artur'in
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"Thanks to the Slack integration, Trusty allow us to be closer to our employees. On the TA Team, SmartRecruiters integration allows us to centralize all the information, follow up on referrals effortlessly, and avoid having to do any retyping. In two words: time saving for employees and recruiters.


Talent Acquisition Manager at Proprioo
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"For us, the objective with Trusty is not only to refer people and source leads; it is also to make Agicap known to as many people as possible through employer branding."


Head of Talent Acquisition at Agicap
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"Trusty easily engage our Luccasiens in our hiring process while centralizing all their referrals in one place. A game changer for a faster and more efficient processing and tracking"


Talent Manager at Lucca

Referrals centralized in one place, your ATS

No more wasting time re-entering your employee referrals on your ATS. Trusty centralizes all your employee referrals on your ATS and ensures an automatic follow-up with your employees.

Hire Better, Faster, Stronger with Trusty