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Recruit the best candidates by employee referral


Hire the best talents

Your employees recommend the best qualified talent they know and trust.


Hire twice as fast

On average, 12 referrals are enough to find the best talents for your team. In comparison, you need to analyse 110 applications.


Build teams for the long run

46% of hired candidates through referral will still be in your company after 3 years, compared to 14% for other channels.


Save money on hiring costs

Hire by referral costs on average 4 times less.

In a few figures


average adoption rate of our clients' employees on Trusty.


increase in the average volume of referrals at our clients.


average conversion of referrals at our clients.

Refer seamlessly

Forget about complex and time-consuming processes. With Trusty, referring a candidate is a snap.


Referrals centralized in one place, your ATS

Centralize all your referrals, ensure automated follow ups and never lose any information.


Engage your teams

Tired of employee referral program that run out of steam? Trusty gamify your employee referral policy and engages your teams with tailor-made statistics and contests (point based system)!


Never hear "I have no one to refer"

Trusty proactively suggests profiles in your teams' Linkedin network that match your job offers. This will increase the number of referrals!


Build an authentic employer brand

Your employees are your best ambassadors. With template messages and customizable referral links, Trusty help them sharing your jobs and attract talents, wherever they are !


Employee referrals: the recruiting secret weapon

The best practices for employee referrals, gathered in one single free guide.
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Integrate your tools in one click

Simplify your process and centralize your referrals with our integrations

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Our clients talk about us

98% of our customers found the implementation of Trusty quick and easy

"From the very first month of the launch, Trusty enabled us to boost the volume of referrals.
The tool was very easy to use for the Talent Acquisition teams and the Qontoers. [...]
The data made available by the Trusty teams now allows us to optimally manage our employee referral program."
Marjorie Boruel
Head of Talent Acquisition at Qonto
"In this period of hypergrowth that we are going through, Trusty saves us precious time. The tool is very simple. Integrated with Slack and our ATS, the team onboarding was done in a snap. In 2 months we managed to get almost 100% adoption rate to the tool."
Emmanuel Lahet
Head of People & Culture at Alma
"Thanks to the integrations in Lever and Slack the implementation was frankly simple and fast. In 1 month we managed to engage over 90% of Innovafeed and even our tech people are sharing our offers on Linkedin! I would recommend Trusty to any company willing to invest in their employee referral program."
Anne Walter
Talent Acquisition Manager at Innovafeed
"For us, the objective with Trusty is not only to refer people and source leads; it is also to make Agicap known to as many people as possible through employer branding."
Valentin Mauguet
Head of Talent Acquisition at Agicap
"Over the course of a year, we have received more than 500 referrals. That's huge! [...] almost 50 people have been hired via Trusty this year, which is really significant. [...]
On the tech side, the conversion is impressive, 16% of the referred candidates were hired. Employee referral with Trusty remains by far our most qualitative source of candidates saving us precious sourcing time."
Julien Maillot,
Hiring Tech Manager at Swile
"Thanks to the Slack integration, Trusty allow us to be closer to our employees. On the TA Team, SmartRecruiters integration allows us to centralize all the information, follow up on referrals effortlessly, and avoid having to do any retyping. In two words: time saving for employees and recruiters.
Marielle Leon-Dufour
Talent Acquisition Manager at Proprioo
"The support, the review of our programme at employee referral and the launch video allowed maximum investment from day one. The Trusty team is extremely responsive. In 15 days, already 23 profiles co-opted to our recruitment team."
Daphne Vauclin-de Calbiac
HR VP at Arturin
"Prior to using Trusty, referred candidates were counted on the fingers of one hand. After one year of collaboration, our cheerzers refer us more than 50 qualified talents every months"
Ophélie Delienne
Head of Talent Acquisition at Cheerz

Discover Trusty

Scale your processes and take your referral program to the next level with our 20+ integrations

What you won't find elsewhere

Discover our features to engage 100% of your teams

Linkedin Connect

Synchronize your Linkedin network and let Trusty suggest you the profiles that match the current open offers in your company.

Customized animations

Each employee deserves a personalized support on his or her experience at employee referral. Thanks to Trusty, you can ensure impactful communications to the right people at the right time. All this, automated from start to finish.

Follow-up of the employee referral

Easily manage the bonuses of employee referral to be paid to your teams.

Monitoring Dashboard

You only improve what you measure. Manage your entire employee referral program with complete reporting. Measure the results of your actions employee referral.

Employee referral challenges

Build a unique employee referral program! Define the rules of your challenge from employee referral, Trusty takes care of the rest (animation, communication, reporting ...). This way, you can increase the commitment of your teams tenfold.

Internal mobility

Your best hires may already be on your team. Ensure the evolution of your best performers by allowing them to apply for internal mobility. You increase your retention and decrease your external recruitment costs.


What is Trusty?


Trusty is a major asset for your future recruitment. No need to look elsewhere for ideal candidates! In fact, 60% of your future recruits are already within your team's network. Thanks to employee referral, your employees become your main allies in simplifying and optimizing recruitment. Trusty doesn't just offer you a tool and services to boost your employee referrals ; we also support you in transforming your employees into true ambassadors of your employer brand. Finally, tap into the highest-quality talent pool thanks to the sharing and employee referrals of your teams. With Trusty, make your recruitment a collective process and reach your hiring objectives with confidence.

What is employee referral ?


employee referral is a recruitment method that involves asking internal employees to recommend candidates for job vacancies. Employees can recommend people from their professional or personal network. When the recommended candidate is hired, the referring employee may be rewarded.

What are Trusty's features?


Our tool offers a streamlined employee referral process where employees can easily submit candidates in a few clicks and track the progress of their employee referrals. Recruiters receive them directly in their ATS and can track program performance via our dashboard. We can also animate and gamify your employee referral program to make it even more effective over the long term. Trusty isn't just another tool: we integrate 100% into your teams' work environment (Teams, Slack, etc.) + ATS to ensure maximum familiarity and commitment from all your teams.

What should employee referral represent in my recruitment mix?


employee referral favors faster, less costly and generally more loyal recruitment. However, in many companies, the employee referral rate remains too low (less than 15%), or even almost non-existent. We recommend that you carry out around 30% of your recruitment via employee referral to achieve an optimal recruitment balance. Thanks to this approach, our customers reduce the time they spend sourcing candidates, and lessen their dependence on external, often expensive, partners. What's more, they benefit from better-quality candidates than through direct applications.

What's the difference between Trusty and other online recruitment solutions?


Our employee referral platform sets itself apart from other online recruitment solutions by its employee-centric approach. Instead of relying on algorithms and sometimes irrelevant traditional candidate sources, our tool uses your employees' network to find your ideal candidates, accessible at the snap of a finger through your employees. We believe that your employees are your company's best ambassadors, and that their network can provide the highest-quality candidates best suited to your company's culture. What's more, our platform offers the simplest, most intuitive user experience to ensure total commitment from all your teams. Finally, more than just a tool, Trusty supports you throughout our collaboration, offering you tailor-made services to make employee referral a strategic pillar of your recruitment process.

How much does it cost to use Trusty?


We offer flexible pricing plans for small, medium and large businesses, and work with each customer to develop a pricing plan tailored to their needs. To find out more about our rates and test Trusty, please visit our rates page.

I'm interested! How can I deploy Trusty in my company?


Request a Trusty demo today. Our sales team will then contact you to discuss your needs and present our solution. We look forward to working with you and helping you optimize your recruitment with our tool at employee referral !

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