The best employee referral experience for your teams

Trusty engages your office AND field staff in your employee referral program.

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Employee platform

A simple employee referral experience your teams will love

Trusty offers the simplest employee referral experience ever, both for your staff in the office and in the field.

easy-to-use employee referral platform
fluid, optimized mobile experience
employee referral in under 20 seconds
automated intelligent communications
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Custom employee referral links

MagicLink, the employee referral link that changes everything for your employees

Increase your visibility with our unique and personal employee referral links, turning your employees into ambassadors for your employer brand.

unique and personal employee referral links to share
an even simpler employee referral experience
employees who become your main ambassadors
an employer brand boosted by every MagicLink share
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Slack & Teams applications

Slack and Teams, trusty's secret weapon

Do your teams use Slack or Microsoft Teams? Install the trusty application on your environment to offer the smoothest employee referral experience on the market to all your collaborators.

app integrated into the working environment of all your teams
employee referral and intelligent communications directly on the app
no download, available on desktop and mobile devices
apps validated and secured by Slack and MS Teams
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Dashboards and gamification

A gamified experience for maximum engagement

Trusty increases your employees' commitment to your employee referral program thanks to its gamified experience and intelligent personalized reminders.

follow-up notifications for each employee referral employee
personal dashboard of all employee referrals
overall ranking of best referrers and ambassadors
gamified experience (badges, podiums, challenges)
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trusty is also :

Automated animation
Automatic animation of your employee referral
Customized campaigns
Create ultra-targeted employee referral campaigns for your teams in 5 minutes
Offer your employees a gamified experience with our tailor-made challenges
ATS integrations
Save time with our ATS integrations and enjoy a simplified experience
Referral process tracking 
Automatic follow-up notifications for your employees at employee referral
Accurately measure the performance of your employee referral
QR codes
Simply engage your teams in the office and out in the field. Just click and co-opt!
Internal mobility
Manage your internal mobility program on Trusty, for you and your employees