Converteo engages 97% of their consultants in their referral program

Flora Herbet - Director of Human Resources
Company overview
Since 2007 Converteo is a data & techno consulting partner with over 300 consultants, specialists and experts.
117-119 Quai de Valmy 75010 - Paris
Consulting - Digital Marketing / Data Marketing, IT / Digital, Strategy
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🎛 The features used

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🙋🏻♀️ About Flora

Flora Herbet is Human Resources Director at Converteo. She joined in 2015 as HR and Recruitment Manager and created and structured the HR function and HR policy. Passionate about her job and attentive to developments and trends in recruitment, employee referral naturally came up on her table.

"Before Trusty we already had a programme at employee referral and involved employees, but unfortunately often the same ones.

Convinced by employee referral and its assets, it seemed natural to capitalise 100% on this channel. She carried this project with her colleague Anne-Sophie and with the achievements we are about to present to you, we can only congratulate them 🙌🏻

🏢 The Converteo Company

Since 2007 Converteo is a data & techno consulting partner with over 300 consultants, specialists and experts.

A real performance accelerator, they intervene from framing to implementation; a connector between marketing and IT; pragmatic and independent; they work to transfer skills to their client teams (Coca Cola, Cdiscount, Carrefour or Bouygues to name but a few).

Converteo Office - source welcome to the jungle

🎯 The challenges and objectives faced by Converteo

Since our first discussions, the recruitment challenges at Converteo have always been very clear:

-> Centralise and simplify employee referral for recruitment teams, managers and consultants

(ATS integration + Integration in the internal collaborative tool)

-> Automate the animation of their programme to engage their consultants in the long term

(from employee to ambassador of the Converteo employer brand)

-> Boost its recruitment share via employee referral to support their strong growth

(less dependence on hunting / responding more quickly to its customers' needs)

Boosting employee referral and recruiting faster without compromising the quality of new recruits was the challenge Converteo and Trusty!

🤝 How did Trusty make a difference?

1. The employee referral simplified and centralised for all

To create this famous reflex employee referral, Converteo was looking for a solution that was easy to use and above all integrated into their daily tools.

💻 Digitalisation of the employee referral process (coopter in 15 seconds)

Before Trusty, the employee referral channel was managed with a simple Google Form. For the employees, the follow-up of employee referrals and the visibility was not optimal, which did not facilitate their investment. For our recruitment teams, it made our work much heavier [...] It was time-consuming and the follow-up was not efficient

Moving from a manual employee referral process to a 100% digital and integrated solution was a major challenge, but the quick learning curve of the Trusty solution by Converteo's staff made this transition possible without any problems.

Integration within employee (Slack) and HR (Welcome Kit) tools

"It's always tricky to implement a completely new process. It is difficult to assess the performance of this kind of solution before testing it, especially as we had very little data on this channel. Nevertheless, we have had excellent feedback from our employees who have been quick to pick up the system. Clearly, the integration of Slack and Welcome Kit as well as the support and investment of Trusty's ops team were decisive in our choice.

👩🏼🏫 Personalized support and assistance from Trusty's operations teams

Before, during and after the launch, the Trusty teams were mobilised to ensure the proper deployment of the solution. The sharing of best practices and the experience gained by Trusty also allowed a global adoption from day 1.

Within 2 hours the solution was operational, within 2 weeks everyone knew about Trusty, and 3 months later we had already recruited 20 profiles thanks to employee referral!

2. A lively employee referral programme, committed employees

To ensure the success of its solution, Trusty has set up a 100% automated and gamified employee referral dynamic, with notifications from the communication of the job to be filled to the follow-up of the applications.

⚙️ A program of employee referral on auto-pilot (100% automated animation)

With a small HR team and high recruitment challenges, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to automate the day-to-day running of this channel.

This automation of the animation process saves time for the HR teams, but also increases the investment of the employees who feel involved and always aware of the new job opportunities and recruitment needs of the company.

🕹️ Gamification and highlighting of the top referrers

Our employees have become true ambassadors of our employer brand. After only 3 months we already had almost 1 in 3 employees sharing our offers on the networks

🙋🏼♀️ E mployee ambassadors (#socialreferral)

The various events and leaderboards employee referral have helped to strengthen the culture and cohesion internally, but also their employer brand externally through the sharing of Magic Links(Example MagicLink).

In short, a successful employee referral policy is like a friendship, it takes time, effort and maintenance!

Decreasing the authenticity of your employer brand: sharing a MagicLink on Linkedin

3. A well-stocked and high quality candidate pipeline

To attract the best profiles, those who do not apply, Converteo was looking for a solution offering several acquisition channels, outbound and inbound.

  • The employee referral spontaneous (outbound)

I think of a profile from my network and co-opt it, classic!

  • The Magic Link (inbound)

Each employee has a unique link that he shares with his network. He only has to wait for requests from employee referral -> Example Magic Link Converteo

The diversification of candidate acquisition channels combined with automated follow-ups have doubled the volume of employee referrals, which means less hunting, less sorting of resumes and more time in candidate interviews.

In order to generate a quality candidate pipeline, one of the challenges expressed by Converteo was to better communicate its recruitment needs internally. Previously, the latter did not have easy access to offers. Employees were not always well aligned with current priorities and did not receive regular follow-up on the evolution of their applications.

Trusty has made it possible to centralise all offers and to communicate more effectively and automatically to all employees. Needs that are better understood by employees, which leads to better qualified co-opted candidates, who convert better and therefore save precious time for recruiters.

The Converteo teams were able to gain confidence in their recruitment process. With the cultural fit and soft skills validated upstream, co-opted candidates progress much more quickly.

"Before Trusty, we already had a program at employee referral and employees who were involved, but unfortunately often the same ones. Beyond simplifying the daily life of our teams, Trusty was really expected to be able to mobilize and make all our consultants adhere to our program. [...] We succeeded thanks to the documentation on our intranet, the tool integrated directly into Slack, since we doubled our volume of employee referrals and mobilized nearly 100% of our consultants [...] Interestingly, the tool even enabled us to stimulate employee referral in certain areas of expertise where employee referrals was becoming rarer.

A big thank you to Flora, Anne-Sophie and all the Converteo teams for their trust.

If you too would like to automate your recruitment via employee referral, engage your entire staff in your recruitment efforts and above all fill your pipeline with qualified candidates, do not hesitate to book an interview with our teams ☎️

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