Forget about re-entering data. Track your performance

Trusty is the employee referral solution that centralizes all your employee referral on your ATS and helps you keep an eye on the performance of your employee referral program.

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What our customers say about trusty

ATS integration

Forget about retyping. Don't miss another employee referral.

Connect your ATS (Application tracking system) in 1 click. Trusty centralizes all your employee referrals on your candidate management tool.

Centralize all your candidates
Don't waste any more employee referrals
Simplified performance monitoring
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Keep your teams informed without worrying about it

Trusty notifies every referrer as soon as one of their co-opted candidates moves through your recruitment process.

Automated and personalized notifications
Perfect transparency for your teams
Teams that remain committed
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Measure the performance of your employee referral

Reap the rewards of a successful employee referral program. Simply measure the return on investment of your employee referral channel.

Real-time dashboard
Data synchronized with your ATS
Visibility for your team's top performers
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But also ...

This will help you professionalize your employee referral

Simplified co-optation
Offer your teams a simple, digitalized experience of employee referral
Link to employee referral
Make it easy for your teams to share your opportunities
Slack integration
Engage your teams with a tool they're already using
Teams integration
Engage your teams with a tool they're already using
Targeted campaigns
Engage your teams in a targeted way. Maximize the relevance of your messages
Automated animation
Share successes, promote and encourage your top performers
Stimulate your teams. Reward your best ambassadors
Boost your recruitment needs. Recruit qualified candidates