DataDome, from a handful of employee referrals to 25% of their new hires

Sarah Jusko, Employer Brand & Employee Engagement Manager @DataDome
Company overview
DataDome is an online bot and fraud protection company that detects and mitigates attacks with unmatched accuracy and without compromise. Bot protection is the foundation of online fraud prevention, and last year DataDome's machine learning solution blocked over 250 billion fraud attacks in real time. Leading global companies, including Reddit, Rakuten, and AngelList, trust DataDome's solution and 24/7 SOC experts to protect their mobile apps, websites, and APIs from ATO, carding, credit stuffing, DDoS attacks, scraping, and more. A force multiplier for IT and security teams, DataDome is transparent, user-friendly and easy to deploy. Ranked as a G2 leader in bot detection and mitigation for three consecutive periods, DataDome was also named a strong performer in Forrester Wave 2022: Bot Management. Certified as a Great Place to Work in the United States and France, DataDome's BotBusters team spans the globe with 160 employees.
10 rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris
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% of hires coming from referrals

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ATS integration
Slack integration
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Personal referral links for employees (MagicLink)
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Sarah Jusko has been responsible for employer brand and employee engagement at DataDome for the past year and a half. Her role has two parts: attracting talent (specializing in security and technology) through marketing campaigns and information about DataDome's culture, and engaging talent once they are hired (ensuring they are supported and fulfilled).

She works closely with the talent acquisition team to attract the right talent and target the right profiles.

Prior to using Trusty, they relied on their ATS through a very standard process: an unattractive link with little communication around the program.

DataDome realized that they needed a little more support and a lot more communication around the employee referral program, and that they really needed to simplify the process to make employees feel engaged and want to co-opt.

Frustrations around the ATS employee referral module

  • A lack of visibility of the employee referral
  • A difficult process that needed to be simplified
  • The TTY was not user-friendly: employees did not know where to go, how to use it
  • A lack of visibility for the employee once the employee referrals are sent to the recruiters
  • Maintain the employee referral program so that employees don't forget that there is an incentive to refer talent to DataDome.

DataDome wanted an easier, more visible and engaging employee referral program.

What questions should be asked before implementing Trusty?

  • When DataDome began considering a tool to boost employee referrals, the choice was pretty quick because in her previous experiences, Sarah had had a lot of success using a specific tool that really supported employees and made employee referrals easy, making the process super simple and really reducing the work of recruiters.
  • "That's the beauty of Trusty: it really does the work for you. So when it came to considering options outside of TSA, that was pretty obvious pretty quickly."
  • With a growing company like DataDome, it's important to make sure you support employees as much as possible in order to get people to co-opt and hire talent that is often highly skilled.

What led DataDome to choose Trusty

  • "I have worked with Trusty in the past in my previous experiences and have had great results, and I know my previous company is still using them.
  • So, it was obvious that I had a preference for Trusty, but that didn't stop us from considering other options: we did our due diligence and benchmarked on tools similar to Trusty.
  • We wanted to make sure that it wasn't based on bias and that it was only based on the needs that we identified, and Trusty really met all the expectations."

It was essential for DataDome to have a user-friendly platform that was streamlined and integrated with their technology tools (Slack + ATS) to create a truly seamless experience for their employees' daily use.

This is what convinced the decision makers at DataDome to use Trusty.

Excellent adoption by all teams

With Trusty, the rate of adoption has been fairly quick and easy for DataDome employees.

"The implementation was very smooth, we had great support from them in creating a communication plan and a rollout plan. It was pretty quick.

The integration with Slack and the security checks were very smooth. As a cybersecurity company, we want to make sure we meet all requirements when working with vendors."

In terms of adoption and understanding how to use the tool itself, Trusty was excellent at leading a workshop and introducing the tool to our entire team. Our employees really appreciated it because they were able to see the platform in action and had the opportunity to ask questions.

The feedback we have received from our teams has been very positive, there have been a lot of employee referrals done fairly quickly.

It took a month to eliminate the old habit of contacting the talent acquisition team. Employees started getting in the habit of submitting their referral directly through the Trusty Slack integration, and were able to track their referrals’ candidate journey.

It reinforced that the tool is really beneficial, not only for the TA team, but also for the employees."

A more than positive return on investment

"We really got a solid return on investment in terms of last year's results: 25% of our hires came from employee referrals.

Before using Trusty, communication around employee referrals was very sporadic, there was not necessarily a strategy in place. With Trusty, it's much more fluid with numerous campaigns and easy integration with Slack.

It really created an environment where the referral program was on everyone's mind. It's now also part of our onboarding for all employees, we make sure that everyone is aware of the program and that they review the platform.

This creates a lot of engagement and more visibility and obviously provides us with more employee referrals.

Trusty really delivers on their promise, and it's great to work with their team who are really helpful with support and provide a lot of information, analytics and data to make sure you really get that ROI."

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