Digital solution for internal mobility

Trusty is the benchmark solution for internal mobility. Secure the loyalty of your performers.

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Your jobs open to internal mobility, simply accessible

Trusty gives your teams simple access to your job offers open to mobility. They can then apply in just two clicks.

Desktop and mobile access
Customizable application form
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Alert your teams when a new opportunity becomes available

Your best recruits may already be with you. Alert your teams as soon as an opportunity arises.

Automated alerts
E-mail notifications
Slack & Teams notifications possible
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Target your teams most likely to apply

Send targeted campaigns to the right teams. Maximize your chances of getting more applications.

Targeting by location, team, tags, integration date, etc.
Predefined message templates
Email, Slack or Teams campaigns
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Network Matching

Centralize all applications on your ATS

Don't lose any more information. Forget about re-typing, retrieve all your applications from your ATS, if you have one.

+25 ATS integrations
Answers to personalized questions
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But also ...

This will help you professionalize your employee referral

Simplified co-optation
Offer your teams a simple, digitalized experience of employee referral
Link to employee referral
Make it easy for your teams to share your opportunities
Slack integration
Engage your teams with a tool they're already using
Teams integration
Engage your teams with a tool they're already using
Targeted campaigns
Engage your teams in a targeted way. Maximize the relevance of your messages
Automated animation
Share successes, promote and encourage your top performers
Stimulate your teams. Reward your best ambassadors
Boost your recruitment needs. Recruit qualified candidates