How did Gorgias manage to engage their employees on 4 continents in order to hire referrals all over the world?

Mihaela Suilea, Senior Tech Recruiter at Gorgias
Company overview
Gorgias is the customer service platform designed for eCommerce merchants, and built to provide an amazing experience to shoppers. Their product empowers merchants to manage all their customer service in one place support over email, live chat, voice, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and SMS in one feed to help merchants provide exceptional customer experiences at scale on Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento.
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Employee referrals received by Gorgias in 1 year

International hires

Gorgias hired referrals in 8 different countries

Referrals hired

13 employees joined Gorgias through employee referral

🎛 The features used

Live Dashboard
Employee referral challenges
ATS integration
Slack integration
Campaigns (send messages with slack)
Personal referral links for employees (MagicLink)
Linkedin Connect (matching)
Employee referrals
Automated follow-ups (SLA)

Can you introduce yourself and talk about your role at Gorgias?

My name is Mihaela and I have been a Tech Recruiter at Gorgias for almost 2 years. My job is to hire the best engineers and managers for our technical teams, to set up recruitment processes and to work on Gorgias's employer brand.

A referral process to improve

How did you deal with employee referrals before using Trusty?

Before Trusty, we used our former ATS for referrals.

Can you describe the main challenges you faced while using your ATS, and what motivated you to look for a referral solution?

The referral process was very manual, people had to go in Lever, complete a form and add their referrals’s resume. The Talent acquisition wasn’t notified for every new referral, which ultimately led to some referrals not being processed. Another thing is that the process was not attractive for our employees. We needed a solution that would automate our referral process, make enough “noise” to create a strong referral culture within the company and for our employees to be more motivated to speak to their network about the job openings. Also, we needed a solution that would make it super easy for our employees to share Gorgias’s open positions with their network.

Do you have any thing in mind to illustrate how the process you had didn't fit with your employees' expectations?

Everyone knew that Lever was the tool we used for referrals, but it wasn't really attractive for them to make the effort to talk to their friends and network. With Trusty and MagicLinks, it's so much easier for them to spread the word about our job openings.

Building a new referral process with Trusty

What motivated you to launch Trusty, and what convinced you it could be the perfect fit for Gorgias?

The idea of automating the whole referral process. People can easily refer someone via Slack, they get weekly notifications of new job openings so the HR team doesn't have to deal with them, our employees are notified every time one of their referrals moves through the process (again, something the HR team should have done), Magiclinks that allow us to reach out to our employees' networks with a click, and having some fun added to our process thanks to the app's communications and gamification.

One piece of advice to share with fellow HR teams looking to change their employee referral program?

Make it easy and attractive for your employees to refer people.

Getting started with Trusty: implementation and launch

How did you feel while implementing Trusty for Gorgias?

It was very easy and the Trusty team was very helpful in providing all the necessary information and support. We were up and running in two weeks.
After implementing Trusty in our global stack, we decided to migrate from ATS to Ashby, a more advanced tool with lots of data and automation. The migration was very simple and quick to integrate with the Trusty teams. 

Could you share some feedbacks from your employees following Trusty's launch?

Trusty is easy to use, and it is especially super useful to be able to know at any time what is the current stage for all their employee referrals.

Main advantages of Trusty‍

What would you say is Trusty's main value proposition to you?

Automating the whole referral process and making it way easier for our employees and recruitment team to manage referrals.

How would you describe the impact of Trusty on your objectives?

Trusty allowed us to reach a higher volume of employee referrals, made it much easier for the recruitment team to process them, and super easy for our employees to refer people.

We've had a higher number of employee referrals since we set up Trusty, we hired 2 people in the first 3 months (not the most impressive result, but we've reached a lot more people because of the visibility Trusty has given us), and ended the year with 12 referral hires.

All in all, it's been a huge boost to our employer brand.

What was Trusty's impact on the Talent acquisition team and its performance?

Trusty saved a lot of time to the team by automating a lot of messages to our employees, such as referral follow ups and new position openings.
But most of all, Trusty has allowed us to not miss any employee referral and to process them much faster than before thanks to Slack notifications sent to recruiters.

And what was the impact of Trusty on Gorgias's global recruitment objectives?

Trusty improved our employer brand, and helped us have a clear and simple internal referral process for everyone!
And in the end it's 12 new talent joining the team!

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