How Cheerz went from receiving 1 referred candidate per month to 50!

Ophélie Delienne, Head of recruitment at Cheerz
Company overview
Cheerz makes you smile printing your most memorable souvenirs with an easy to use app and website, awesome products (Cheerz Box, albums, canvas...) and a customer journey filled with love and fun ! <br><br>Company size : 150 happy Cheerzers <br><br>Stack : Welcome Kit / Slack
E-commerce, Application
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Can you introduce me to Cheerz? What is your role at Cheerz?

Cheerz is a photo printing start-up: we print the memories and smiles of our customers.

On my side, I am in charge of building the teams and supporting the growth of Cheerz, integrating the employees and making sure that everything goes well for them. I am also in charge of boosting the attractiveness and notoriety of Cheerz’s employer brand through various HR projects.

And as you know, Cheerz is in a growth phase!

What are Cheerz's ambitions in the months and years to come?

We have a lot of projects coming up at Cheerz!

On the business side we are trying to assert our presence in Europe and improve the experience of our customers, and in particular in Spain and Italy, which are our 2nd and 3rd markets after France.

On the engagement side, we are deeply concerned about our environmental footprint. We invest in many projects, such as waste reduction or reforestation to reduce our ecological impact.

We are constantly developing our catalog, our applications and are trying to offer the smoothest experience to our customers.

How do these ambitions affect your recruitment needs / challenges / methods?

With all these great projects, we are definitely looking to strengthen our teams. We have regular job creations and are always curious about new recruitment methods and constantly challenging the status quo and improving the way we work.<br><br>To support our growth, it was essential for us to make employee referrals a strategic pillar of our recruitment mix. <br><br>The process we set up with Trusty is fun, simple and creates a good dynamic internally. It allows us to turn our employees into real ambassadors. <br><br>As head of recruitment this saves me a lot of time on my sourcing activities since our cheerzers recommend us excellent quality profiles every month. In addition, the solution being directly integrated into my Lever ATS (Application Tracking System), I didn’t have rethink anything on the way we I work and track applications. <br><br>In short, our cooptation program is finally simple and effortless both for me, but also and above all for our cheerzers.

Why did you invest in employee referral ?

We believe that our cheerzers are our best ambassadors. Our internal culture is very strong, we have a great common force that we would like to preserve and no one is better suited than our teams to talk about Cheerz.

We needed to find a solution that would make the classic referral process seamless for our busy staff members. The objective was to simplify their work as much as possible and to create enthusiasm and engagement around our referral program.<br><br>Trusty ticked all these boxes: referral is done simply, quickly, and our employee referral Slack channel is animated with engaging communications on our jobs, activities and successes. 

Before vs After Trusty ?

The referral experience before Trusty was very sad :( 

We had very few candidates landing in our pipe.

With Trusty, they helped our team rethink our program and how we reward our cheerers for their implication. The team also provided very good advice improving the communication internally.

What do you like most about Trusty?

What I like most is that Trusty has the right and perfect mindset for start-ups / SMEs:

<br>- It is an agile, responsive and dynamic team that has understood the tone of start-ups. We have created a real partner relationship with a top Trusty team, caring about our business issues, asking for feedback and always available <3

- On the feature side, the implementation of Trusty is seamless and adapted to our current tools : internal messaging (Slack) and our ATS (Lever).

What would you say to companies considering using a solution like Trusty ?

I would tell them that Trusty helps boost and reward employee referrals. No more long and boring processes! Referral is fun, involves everyone and above all gives results!

In numbers, before implementing Trusty referrals could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Now, after a year of use, we receive on average 50 qualified referrals every month.

Last thought ? 

Ask the great Trusty team for advice and feedback. Trusty is not just a tool you pay for, it's a team that listens, supports and adapts!

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