Yousign recruits 43% of its tech profiles through the employee referral

Pierre Klopfer, Talent Acquisition Manager at Yousign
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Yousign reinvents the electronic signature experience with a fast, legal and secure SaaS solution, 100% European. Founded in 2013 in Caen by Luc Pallavidino and Antoine Louiset, this scale-up is mainly present in France, Italy and Germany! Their goal? To become the European leader in electronic signatures by enabling freelancers, VSEs, SMEs and ETIs to simplify their workflows.
8 Rue De Suède Avenue Pierre Berthelot - 14000 Caen
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% of tech profiles recruited by employee referral

is the number of tech profiles that have been recruited thanks to Trusty since its implementation

share of hires made by employee referral in 2022

is the proportion of Yousign's recruitments made thanks to Trusty and the employee referral

number of recruitments by employee referral in 2022

is the number of people recruited by employee referral in 2022 at Yousign

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Employee referral challenges
Live Dashboard
ATS integration
Slack integration
Campaigns (send messages with slack)
Personal referral links for employees (MagicLink)
Linkedin Connect (matching)
Internal mobility
Employee referrals
Customized reporting
Automated follow-ups (SLA)

In the world of recruitment, finding qualified and committed talent is a constant challenge for growing companies. Yousign, a leading company in the electronic signature sector, was confronted with this reality in its search for talented new employees. However, thanks to Trusty, an innovative platform from employee referral, Yousign has managed to transform its recruitment strategy and achieve remarkable results. In this article, we explore Yousign's success story with Trusty, based on an interview with Pierre, Head of Recruitment at Yousign.

Meeting with Pierre, Recruitment Manager at Yousign

To better understand the impact of Trusty on recruitment at Yousign, we had the pleasure of meeting Pierre, the company's head of recruitment. With his expertise and experience, Pierre has played a key role in the adoption of Trusty and the successful integration of employee referral into Yousign's recruitment strategy.

"Trusty has become a true ally for us. It has streamlined our employee referral process and allowed us to discover exceptional talent that we might never have met otherwise," says Pierre. "It has truly transformed the way we recruit and has strengthened our commitment to our people."

The transformation of employee referral at Yousign

Before the arrival of Trusty, Yousign was struggling to fully exploit the potential of employee referral in its recruitment process. Pierre remembers:

"We were finding it difficult to mobilize our staff to actively recommend candidates. Communication around employee referral was limited, and we didn't have a structured system for tracking and encouraging referrals."

However, Trusty has changed everything. With its ease of use and intuitive features, the platform has made employee referral accessible to all Yousign employees. "Trusty has really simplified things for us," says Pierre. "With just a few clicks, we can launch campaigns from employee referral and mobilize our team to share opportunities with their network."

Concrete results and remarkable efficiency

Trusty's impact on Yousign's recruitment targets is undeniable. In 2022, employee referral accounted for 25% of Yousign's total recruitment, or a quarter of new hires at the company. In development, employee referral was even more successful, accounting for 43% of Yousign's developer recruitment over the same period.

These figures speak for themselves. "Trusty has allowed us to go from a situation where we were recruiting very little through employee referral to a situation where it has become one of our main recruitment levers," emphasizes Pierre. "It's a simple, effective and proactive tool that has significantly improved our results and our ability to find the best talent."

Simplicity, efficiency and proactivity: the 3 pillars of Trusty

If Pierre had to describe Trusty in three words, he would choose: simple, efficient and proactive.

"Trusty is an easy-to-use tool that makes life easier for recruiters and enables all Yousign employees to play an active part in employee referral. Its effectiveness is undeniable, as it has enabled us to move from a situation where employee referral represented a small proportion of our recruitment to one where it has become one of our main recruitment channels."

Finally, Pierre stresses the importance of Trusty's proactivity.

"Beyond the tool itself, Trusty offers personalized support and attentive listening from its team. They've always been there to answer our questions, understand our specific needs and help us get the most out of the platform."


Yousign's success story with Trusty is a great example of the positive impact that a well-designed employee referral platform can have in the recruitment arena. With Trusty, Yousign was able to transform its recruitment strategy, engage its employees and attract exceptional talent. With its simplicity, efficiency and proactivity, Trusty has established itself as a valuable ally for Yousign, and will continue to support their growth and future success.

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