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Lesly Nunes, recruitment manager at Ossia Conseil
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Ossia Conseil has specialized in IT finance for 16 years. Ossia is recognized for its technical and functional know-how and is consistently committed to its clients in the banking and financial sector as well as in industry.
IT and Digital consulting firm
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# of recruitments

The number of recruitments in the first 3 months

Time to hire

28 days
That's the average time it takes to recruit by employee referral at Ossia

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This is the average monthly number of employee referrals received by Ossia

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Live Dashboard
Personal referral links for employees (MagicLink)
Linkedin Connect (matching)
Employee referrals
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Automated follow-ups (SLA)

Can you introduce yourself and explain what you do today at Ossia Conseil?

My name is Lesly, I have been in charge of recruitment at Ossia Conseil for two years now. I have seven years of experience in recruitment in ESN in market finance. Ossia is an ESN specialized in the market finance and IT sector.

My role consists of recruiting, with my team, employees to join our corporate and investment banking clients. We are mainly looking for developers, project managers, project managers and support teams.

What are your objectives as head of recruitment at Ossia Conseil?

For some time now, Ossia has been reworking its entire structure, its way of working both internally and with customers.

We have recently restructured the HR part: we have set up recruitment processes, interviews, onboarding, etc. For recruitment, we obviously use platforms and job boards. Our main source is LinkedIn.

From my past experience, I knew that employee referral was a fairly important recruitment channel in my previous companies, so this is something I wanted to develop here at Ossia.

I started on my own to try to engage employees on employee referral through communication (calls, emails) but it was not taking. We did make a few recruitments through employee referral, but I didn't think it was enough. So I started looking for tools and I discovered Trusty:

I thought that it could be "gamifying", interactive for the employees, that it could perhaps incite them to do more employee referrals, to make things easier for them and to have a clear process.

What were the main issues that led you to look for a solution from employee referral and to want to tool up on the subject? What was employee referral like before?

We had a few referrers who sent us CVs but we didn't have a clear point of entry, i.e. the employees didn't know who to send the applications to and the easiest way for them was to send them to their sales person as this was their main contact. Sometimes the salespeople forgot to send the CV to HR, so it was a problem that everything was not centralized.

The second problem was that they also didn't necessarily know what kind of profiles we were looking for, so we didn't have enough flow from employee referral.

Were there also issues of communication, internal visibility and animation of the program at employee referral ?

The main problem was the process, and after that it was communication. We didn't communicate enough or in the right way. It was complicated because there was not yet a person in charge of the subject: that's why today I'm in charge of this part.

Employees now know that I'm the one who takes care of it, and that they should contact me if they have any questions. In the end, the main challenge was to centralize: to have a process and communications via a single tool that manages everything.

What convinced you that Trusty was the right choice for Ossia?

I believed in Trusty because I thought it was simple. Employees could use Trusty on a PC as well as on their phones. The fact that they could also link their LinkedIn networks to Trusty made it possible to do even more employee referrals.

I found the support on communication and the implementation of the tool very relevant.

Now, our employees have a unique and complete tool, simple, ergonomic, which "gamifies" the employee referral.

Would you have any advice for a recruitment manager who is considering investing in employee referral ?

You don't have to think about it, you have to do it simply because today LinkedIn and the job boards are good, they allow us to do a lot of things, that's for sure. But there is nothing better than the fact that the candidate and the employee know each other. Indeed, we already feel the link and the commitment that candidates have towards us while we are at the very beginning of the recruitment process.

How would you describe the implementation of Trusty within Ossia Conseil?

I find that it has integrated very well, you have accompanied us well. The implementation was very personalized, you adapted to our needs and requests.

And from the employees' side, we had very good feedback that the platform was easy to use and that it allows them to have everything in one place. It has been a great success from this point of view.

How many employees have signed up for the solution?

We have about thirty people registered on Trusty and a dozen employees who have done employee referrals. Overall, we have had interesting results because we have already made four recruitments, which is great in such a short time, and there are still people in the process.

We really wanted to create a commitment on employee referral, and the Magic Link proposed by Trusty has allowed us to do so: our employees send a lot of profiles and we have a very high volume of employee referrals . Now, the next step will be to make them aware of quality, targeting, etc. But already, the fact that they have the automatism to co-opt, to make posts on LinkedIn, corresponds to our need.

The statistics we have here of 4 recruitments and a hundred employee referrals in 4 months, have been achieved by about twenty referrers only, on 80 employees within Ossia Conseil. In the end, 20% of the employees did 80% of the employee referrals. The challenge now is to get the others.

For this, we sent out surveys to mobilize and understand the employees who have not yet co-opted. Do you have any feedback from your side?

They find it interesting to go through the platform, to centralize everything, to be able to have a follow-up.

Before Trusty, it was complicated to put figures, because it was not so followed and we did not have all this data, so it is complicated to quantify. But I know that in the year 2021-2022, we made 2 recruitments via employee referral.

We've had Trusty for three months and we've had about 100 employee referrals, which is huge. I've never had this volume in a whole year.

Before Trusty, there must have been 3 or 4 employees who sent us profiles and it was punctual. Nowadays, we have about 20 people who send us profiles continuously (out of 80 employees).

If you had to choose one advantage of using Trusty, what would it be?

The advantage is the simplicity of use and the fact that I have a main tool for myself and the employees. It has allowed us to engage them much more and thanks to the communication and challenges set up by Trusty, we have managed to recruit people that we would not have recruited without it.

How would you describe the impact that Trusty has had on the achievement of your personal goals?

It had a great impact because we took Trusty at the end of the year 2022 and it allowed us to get candidates that we would not have had and to reach our objectives. We made the four hires in three months, so it boosted that part of the year-end.

What would you say to a recruitment manager who is hesitant to use Trusty?

Honestly, we were also hesitant to get the tools at first.

Doing the test allows you to see how things are going, simply to take stock, to see things evolve, improve, see commitment, see change.

Just do a test like we did and you will see that it will turn out positive.

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